Aimviva Travel Club Annual Subscription

Cost to Subscribe  HK$1,288

(Total Value approx. HK$4,074)

RFID Blocking Passport Wallet

this genuine leather article has been sourced directly by us, and includes a special lining which stops Radio Frequency Identification Signals from passing through the wallet. This means that your identity remains secure if anyone is scanning for RFID data in the airport or other high traffic tourist areas.

Smart baggage tag

This smart tag is sourced by our partners Point Links from Trace Me in the UK and will help to ensure that your baggage does not go missing. The enclosed leaflet explains the features and benefits but please note that you will need to register the tag before you use it.

FlexiRoam X Global SIM card

This brilliant micro sticker is designed to sit on top of your existing SIM and will provide data when you are roaming at a fraction of the cost of roaming with your normal provider. You will need to download an app for your smart phone to switch between normal service and the roaming SIM. We have provided 300Mb of data which should be sufficient for 3 days and maybe more depending on how little you use your phone.*Tip  – if you invite other people to download the app they can get 100Mb free and so can you

Certificate of Insurance and terms of cover

Our group policy with Allied World Insurance will cover you anywhere outside of your home territory. If you re-locate to another country during the  term of your membership please let us know and we will be happy to inform Allied World. You must return to your home territory before 90 days elapse but can make unlimited trips throughout the year. Full terms and conditions can be found in the separate documentation and are also available online at 

HK$500 Travel Voucher

From Flight Centre which can be used against any booking during the year providing you follow the terms and conditions printed on the voucher. Flight Centre are our travel partner and will also help with your bookings through the SMART STAY phone app and with discounted car rental through HERTZ. The Hertz offer is a 10% discount with an additional free day when you book a car for 7 days or more.Links to download the SmartStay phone app can be found

30% off Airport Lounge Access

with LoungeBuddy. This is on top of the price guarantee that LoungeBuddy operates and means lounge access for our members starts from as little as US$17.50

Aimviva Travel Club Annual Subscription

Cost to Subscribe HK$1,288
(Total Value approx.HK$4,074)

Please note that we currently only have the Black and Green Colour Travel Wallets.