Smart Baggage Tags

The bar codes airports use when they check your bag in are usually valid for 24-36 hours.

If your bag ends up on the wrong long haul flight, the chances are by the time it arrives they have no way to know it was yours in the first place.

TRACE ME works in tandem with the computer systems at thousands of airports and hundreds of airlines all over the world, to minimize the risk that your luggage gets lost without a trace.

The unique serial number on every tag acts like an international passport for your luggage

Bags do go missing, its a fact of life and the more you travel the more chance it can happen to you.

Our Luggage Tags are valid for 12 months and are renewable when they expire.

Point Links warranty US$500 per bag when luggage loss is confirmed by airlines in addition to any insurance that you may have.

Each personalized account comes with a unique serial number on each tag and does not display personal data.

Online registration is easy, but is required to ensure that your unique password is only known to you.