70% of international Travellers turn off their phones when they are overseas because the roaming charges are too high.

Many travelers rely on wifi hotspots in hotels and cafes rather than pay these excessive charges.

FlexiRoam is connected to a network of over 580 telephone operators globally and daily charges are as low as US$1-$2.  .

The SIM card that comes with your membership is currently the most advanced SIM card in the world.

Features include: –

  • 12 months validity for data plans (SIM card remains active if live data plans in place)
  • iPhone/Android App allowing you to top up anywhere at any time
  • 4G+ signal handling
  • Plug and play – no complicated set up
  • Daily rates from as low as US$1 per day

Use your normal apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, Twitter etc without worry when you are overseas (providing you stay within local legislation).

Don’t lose access to features like navigation because your home roaming plan is too expensive.