Discounted Airport Lounge Access

With our discounts airport lounge access may be as cheap, or at least close to the price of a coffee and a sandwich..

The lounge is your haven where you can either work or relax with free food and beverages away from the depressing gate areas.

WWW.LoungeBuddy.Com work with around 400 lounges globally.

We are delighted LoungeBuddy are supporting a unique 30% discount for our members.

Lounge Access starts from as low as US$25, making entrance for our members US$17.50

We Guarantee the cheapest possible access – if you ever find that it is cheaper to pay for access at the door of the lounge please keep the receipt and send it to us – we will refund you 30% of whatever you pay providing of course that it is a lounge that LoungeBuddy supports.

Lounges include a variety of benefits including

  • Free food and drinks
  • Newspapers
  • WiFi access
  • TV
  • Showers
  • Charging points for your laptop and devices

LoungeBuddy are growing their network rapidly, adding airports and additional lounges to provide the best customer choice at the best price.

Bookings can be made in real time, meaning you will never be turned away from a lounge if you have made a booking – even if you are stood outside when you do so.

Places may be limited in which case LoungeBuddy will usually suggest an alternate lounge if available.